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Stud Wall Partitions
At Hammond & Fox Plastering we offer a range of services to meet all your Metal Stud wall and ceiling requirements.

Stud wall partitions are cost effective, multi-purpose partitions which are suitable for all types of buildings including residential and commercial.  Separating walls are an economical way to create different working spaces within the building.

A range of stud and plasterboard options are available to meet your performance requirements for acoustic, moisture, impact and fire resistance.

Services can be concealed within the stud cavity and partition walls can be installed to varying heights depending on construction, ie. Jumbo stud walls up to 10 metres.  Metal stud partitions are ideal for installing at the perimeter of a mezzanine floor to create additional office space.

Types of Studwork Systems:

    •     50 mm metal ‘C’ & ‘I’ stud/track partitions
    •     70 mm metal ‘C’ & ‘I’ stud/track partitions
    •     146 mm metal ‘C’ & ‘I’ Jumbo stud/track partitions

We supply and install a comprehensive range of domestic and commercial partitioning systems including demountable and fixed stud walls to suit all budgets.

Office partitioning is a popular choice when looking to renovate an old office as it can be used to divide up open plan office space into smaller useable areas and meeting rooms relatively inexpensively when compared to having building work carried out to a building’s structure.

Businesses are constantly evolving and so partitioning systems give you the flexibility to adapt your space to your needs quickly should your business grow or simply need to alter the layout as one office needs to be larger and another one smaller, for example.  Office partitioning systems are the perfect solution to a demanding environment where change is constant.

For any advice or enquiries please contact Nick Fox:

01603 512818 or 07807 305975

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