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Skim Coats

This is the application of a finishing plaster, 1st coat of about 2mm and a second tight top coat of 1mm over walls & ceilings. The result is a smooth surface which is ready for painting or papering.

For customers seeking reskims of walls and ceilings over existing plaster please remember the walls and ceilings must have any loose material removed, and will need to be sealed with appropriate plaster sealer.

What To Do About Artex Ceilings & Walls

A large part of our business is dealing with artex ceilings and walls, here in Norfolk and Suffolk it's everywhere!

We have the knowledge and expertise to deal with all the different patterns and depths of artex finishes to give you walls and ceilings of the highest quality.

If you would like to discuss your plastering over artex requirements, please fill in the contact form with your name and contact number and the best time of day or evening to call, and we will contact you.