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Understanding the Trade
Skim Coats

This is the application of a finishing plaster, 1st coat of about 2mm and a second tight top coat of 1mm over walls & ceilings. The result is a smooth surface which is ready for painting or papering.

For customers seeking reskims of walls and ceilings over existing plaster please remember the walls and ceilings must have any loose material removed,and will need to be sealed with appropriate plaster sealer.

This is the application of a sand & cement mix to exposed brickwork which offers a good impermeable surface.

Rendering a wall consists of the application of two layers, firstly the scratch coat which offers the second layer a flat & even surface and also a good key. The second coat is rubbed down to complete a quality finished surface.

This term relates to the securing of plasterboards over stud walls, brickwork & ceilings using screws on timber or adhesive on masonry (Dot + Dab). Once drylined the area can be skimmed.

Dry lining uses plasterboard fixed to the walls & is therefore a relatively dry process, which can be decorated shortly after completion. Dry lining can be taped & jointed using special paper tape or it can be skim coated.
Painting and Decorating

We also offer full painting and decorating to our clients post plastering. We are more than happy to provide quotes on painting and decorating jobs independent of plastering services.

We provide quality, smooth and efficient painting and decorating results at reasonable rates, interior or exterior for domestic clients.

Benefits: *  You never have to paint it unless you get tired of
                    the colour
               *  Durable and long lasting
               *  Silicone waterproof technology
               *  20 standard colours
               *  Smooth textures available

K-Rend is the market leader in scratched back coloured render. It has the prestigious Kitemark license to BS EN 998:2003, Kitemark being the world’s premier symbol of trust.

K-Rend scraped texture finishes come in a standard 20 colours, customised colours are available on request.

K-Rend scratched or scraped terminology refers to the process of how the product is finished, after the base coat has been applied a coloured top coat is applied to a level surface, then a scraping tool is used to scrape/cratch back the top 2mm of the coating to create a uniform texture.

Hammond & Fox Plastering staff are fully training in all aspects of using this product, including meshing of all walls and setting of all angle beads.

If you would like a free, no obligation quotation for K-Rend, please contact us for a visit to your property where we can show you colour and texture samples direct from K-Rend, assess how the works can be carried out, advise on scaffold if needed and old render removal.

Finally, in our opinion, if there was a better coloured render on the market at the moment, we would be trying to sell it to you. That’s how highly we rate K-Rend.
Thermal Insulation Boards

We can supply and fit thermal insulation boards for all your requirements.

Thermal insulation plasterboards are used to top up external cavity wall insulation, fixed to the inside external wall by either dot and dab (adhesive) or timber or metal frame. They offer excellent levels of insulation and cost savings on the dreaded heating bills, boards come in a variety of thicknesses - 15mm to 60mm - which we can tailor to your individual needs based on building regulations and the sizes of your rooms.

This type of work is proving very popular with our customers, we find many have cold lounges or bedrooms and only require boards on external walls. We remove skirtings and coving if needed, fix boards and refit skirtings and coving, and skim the boards or tape and joint them to give a surface ready for decoration. The results are a warmer and more energy efficient room, with the added benefit of pristine newly plastered walls.
What To Do About Artex Ceilings & Walls

A large part of our business is dealing with artex ceilings and walls, here in Norfolk and Suffolk it’s everywhere!

We have the knowledge and expertise to deal with all the different patterns and depths of artex finishes to give you walls and ceilings of the highest quality.

If you would like to discuss your plastering over artex requirements, please fill in the contact form with your name and contact number and the best time of day or evening to call, and we will contact you.
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